Making incremental improvements to your existing e-commerce customer experience isn't difficult. Improving the checkout process, faster shipping times, improving search capabilities and having a better shopping cart abandonment -solution in place are all incremental improvements retailers are working on.

To achieve real, sustained growth for your e-commerce offering, these incremental tactics are not enough. These tactics don't fundamentally make the shopper delighted about visiting your e-commerce store, they just help your shoppers feel less frustrated. These tactics are defensive, as opposed to proactive.

In a world of abundance of choice of shopping destination, making shoppers less frustrated does not win. Delighting shoppers with every visit does.

E-Commerce Nation published their take on the biggest e-commerce trends in 2017. Very visible in the list of trends mentioned are activities that are aimed to delight the shoppers. Real-time personalization, true engagement, leveraging data to understand the context of the shopper and providing an experience that fits with that context are all part of proactive, delight providing activities every retailer should be considering.

As technology matures and as more and more solely e-commerce focused retailers emerge, consumer expectations are shifting towards favouring e-commerce retailers that delight them with a proactive, personalized customer experience.

If you want to stay relevant, continue to grow your e-commerce revenue and avoid the fate many established retailers have faced in e-commerce, a proactive, personalized approach that leaves the shopper delighted is a must in your e-commerce store.

To discover how Revieve helps you offer your shoppers with a delightful customer experience for skincare and beauty, visit our site.


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