E-commerce retailers are working hard to provide their entire product inventory available for online shoppers. As they should. There is no excuse not having your entire inventory available online. In fact, if anything, you should have a larger product selection available online than you do in your physical stores.

The natural assumption behind having a large selection of products available in your e-commerce store is that it should lead to more revenue from e-commerce and a better conversion rate.

Unfortunately, this assumption bypasses a critical point. The amount of alternatives available to shoppers in e-commerce stores creates choice-paralysis. When faced with an overwhelming amount of alternatives, the easiest option for the shopper is not to choose.

This is a perplexing dilemma for retailers. On one hand, you absolutely have to have a large selection (all) of your products available in your e-commerce store to maximize revenue and on the other hand by doing so you are creating choice-paralysis for your shoppers potentially damaging conversion and revenue.

So what should you do? How can you ensure your entire product selection is available online at the same time as removing the choice paralysis from your shoppers?

Enter digital advisors. Digital advisors are product-category specific solutions that act as your automated e-commerce sales associates, helping shoppers find products that they are looking for, averting choice-paralysis. Through the use of digital advisors, you ensure that no shopper needs to use their precious time, effort or brainpower in finding products for their needs and no one is ever overwhelmed by choice.

Digital advisors are to your e-commerce store what in-store sales associates are to your physical store. There to help your shoppers navigate product offerings, provide 24/7 assistance and ultimately guide your shoppers towards a purchase. They are your ultimate weapon to destroy choice-paralysis once and for all.

To understand how digital advisors in the beauty-category can lead to improved e-commerce revenue, download our white paper.


How Beauty Industry Seizes COVID-19:
The Evolution Of Digitalization

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