Your online beauty shoppers are smart. Smarter than you think. They can smell marketing gimmicks a mile away and likely don't think you're acting in their best interest if they do. When you provide them with a faceless, non-interactive questionnaire that results in product recommendations, they smell marketing.

As a result, you lose trust. When you lose trust online, your customers won't buy. And we all know what happens to your e-commerce business when your customers don't buy.

On the other hand, when you show your e-commerce beauty shoppers that you understand them, when you provide them with reasons to buy and when you show them that you understand why they in particular should buy a specific product from you, you're creating a real customer experience.

As a result, you gain trust. When you gain trust, you gain loyalty. And your customers buy more. And your revenue grows.

The above is the difference between using marketing gimmicks as part of your online shopping experience for beauty products and creating a real experience that guides the shopper towards a purchase on their terms, providing them with value and information about why they specifically should consider a particular product.

Which category would you like to fall in?

To be clear, at Revieve we refuse to accept the former and help you create the latter.


How Beauty Industry Seizes COVID-19:
The Evolution Of Digitalization

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