Many beauty retailers offer their customers with questionnaire-based selection tools to assist in the discovery and selection of beauty products. Whilst these tools are helpful, we recently conducted a study comparing the actual increases in conversion and average transaction size resulting from pure questionnaire-based guided-selling solutions vs Digital Beauty Advisors, which provide the consumer with the ability to receive personalized beauty advice and recommendations based on their selfie.

The results are staggering. Compared with pure questionnaire-based solutions, providing the ability for the consumer to have their selfie analyzed directly inside your e-commerce store as part of your customer experience increases conversion by an average of 50%. This means that customers who are provided the opportunity to receive personalized beauty advice through their selfies are 50% more likely to buy products compared with customers who simply go through a questionnaire-based guided-selling experience. The findings clearly indicate the need and desire of consumers to receive personalized (through their selfie) as opposed to generic (through a questionnaire) feedback and guidance when it comes to their beauty concerns.

Furthermore, the results indicate the increased trust provided by a selfie-analysis between the retailer / brand and consumer and an overall significant uplift in the level of experience the consumer receives on your website. With a selfie-driven skin analysis providing such a dramatic increase in conversion, every beauty retailer and brand should ask themselves, can they afford not to provide one? 


How Beauty Industry Seizes COVID-19:
The Evolution Of Digitalization

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