You know you're on the right track when the competition is high, right? We are seeing a lot of competition in beauty tech. Everyone has their specific approach on how to personalize probably the most personal of all retail; beauty.

Competition is always welcome. That's how we can ensure the results keep on improving to serve everyone as good as possible. That's when the industry grows.

How you wish to personalize depends heavily on your core values and how you want to be perceived from shoppers perspective. And who do you want to reach!

Do you want to reach the younger generation who are perhaps willing to try out new products and gadgets more easily and want to share their experiences on social media platforms? Or do you want to reach the larger generation X who have more spending power and are more inclined towards classical and prestige product lines? Do you perhaps want to serve male customers better than anyone else in skincare retail? Or maybe you want to be like a Pokémon player? You know, "catch 'em all".

When you know whom you want to serve, it becomes easier to figure out the how you are able to serve them well. And you perhaps want to leave the decision to your end customer by giving them more wiggle room and choices. After all, they are the ones who are paying your wage, aren't they?

We know from our end customers that they are willing to give personal information about themselves; they know they will only benefit more the more they give. See, the more we know, the better recommendations our algorithms are able to give. Whether it's price preferences, preferred look, or special skin concerns we need to take into account or if they want only to be recommended "green beauty".

Perhaps, you as a retailer or brand have certain products you want to showcase to specific groups?

We can see that an average of 25% of our retail users adds products to the shopping cart directly from the solution. Also, by providing whole regimens, we are seeing a 20-30% basket size increase throughout our customers. It's up to you to decide how you promote the solution and guide the shoppers to the solution.

The foundation of the Digital Beauty Advisor is to give a selection of products you know will suit the shopper based on the information given + their selfie. When we then let them virtually try on the looks and products they are more inclined to proceed to check out opposed to trying 50 shades of lipsticks that don't fit their skin tone, hair, and eye color.

I mean, you want to provide value if you want shoppers to come back. And by providing timesaving solutions you are doing that on top of the personalization. It's where we tap into customers unmet needs.

After all, they came to your site with the intent of finding something that will make them feel beautiful and special.


How Beauty Industry Seizes COVID-19:
The Evolution Of Digitalization

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