Beauty-brands and retailers are increasingly looking to provide new purchase channels and engagement alternatives for their digitally-native audience. One key focus of these experience is the emergence of voice-shopping through platforms such as Amazon Alexa or Google Voice Assistant.

As a global market leader in helping beauty brands and retailers personalize thebeauty-shopping experience online, we're exited to announce the launch of our Amazon Alexa –solution toenable beauty brands and retailers provide personalized beauty productrecommendations through voice shopping.

 TheRevieve Personalized Beauty on Messenger - technology analyzes the users’environmental considerations and guides the user through specific beautypreferences and concerns to provide the shopper with personalized productrecommendations from the retailers or beauty brands inventory, directly fromthe comfort of their own home.  

 “In-home shopping is becoming of age. Beauty brandsand retailers can lead the way in offering a personalized, voice-enabledshopping experience for customers. Through the Revieve Digital Beauty AdvisorAt Home – offering, beauty shopperscan enjoy a personalized service comparable to the in-store beauty consultantfrom the comfort of their own homes.”,explains Revieve CEO Sampo Parkkinen.

 “Webelieve that it’s imperative for beautybrands and retailers to offer a wide selection of digital solutions acrossdifferent shopping channels that match the needs and desires of shoppers. Byhelping brands and retailers create a voice-enabled at-home beauty shoppingexperience, we’re helping to provide theultimately convenient shopping experience”,continues Parkkinen.

The Revieve Digital Beauty Advisor At Home -experienceis currently available across North America, Europe and Asia and can be offeredstandalone or as seamlessly integrated with the retailers or beauty brandsexisting Amazon Alexa offering.


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The Evolution Of Digitalization

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