Would it be nice to get the luxury of having a personal assistant to guide you through shopping in the jungle of endless possibilities and brands where one-size definitely does not fit all? -An assistant who acts as your big sister and provides you a personalized view and guidance through the jungle towards what YOU really need. The one who you can count on to give you the best know-how, suggestions, and recommendations. And yes, she will tell you what absolutely does not work for you, too. Cause all she wants to do is to make you look and feel your best, right?

Too often when you are purchasing online for any consumer goods, whether it’s clothes, skin care or makeup, what you’re left with is too many choices. And the choices leave you only more confused and lost. In the worst case, you end up continuing the same routines that aren’t working or change them drastically in a way that just does not fit you. Either way, you end up losing valuable time and money to something that in fact can be easily and effectively avoided.

This is where Revieve Beauty Skin Advisor comes to picture, literally.

With the technology we have today you can use them to guide your way through the jungle of choices giving you personalized suggestions based on your needs, preferences, and budget. Best part? -You can do it wherever, whenever! 1. Upload a selfie. 2. Your results are there for you to see in a blink of an eye. 3. Add to cart. Voilá. Done. REVIEVE for example literally brings the in-store beauty consultant online! In other words, REVIEVE provides your preferred eCommerce markets the tools you need to get a personalized Beauty Advice online.

This is a rapidly growing market in the beauty business both online and in stores. This is a train no retailer wants to miss. We at REVIEVE are happy to provide these tools for retail, eCommerce and beauty customers as well as pharmacies - online and in store. And we are constantly improving the end product to best fit the business and products with its customers closely in mind.

Have you already tried these types of apps and gadgets? What are your initial thoughts on it?

Yours truly,

Vanessa O.


How Beauty Industry Seizes COVID-19:
The Evolution Of Digitalization

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