We're extremely excited to announce our recent partnership with NordicFeel, the leadingNordic beauty-retailer who has selected Revieve with its Digital Beauty Advisor –solution to provide itsshoppers with personalized beauty product advice and recommendations based onshopper selfies.

The Revieve Digital Beauty Advisor -solution has beenimplemented across NordicFeel’s e-commerce sites in Sweden, Norway and Finland to help shoppers easilydiscover beauty products matching their personal skin concerns, productpreferences and environment. Through shoppers’ selfies, the Revieve Digital Beauty –advisor recommends productsfrom NordicFeel’s selection using AI and machine-learning.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Revieve and aredelighted to be able to provide our shoppers with an innovative solution helpingthem find products individually for their skin concerns and needs. Revieve hasbeen a very supportive partner and has provided us with a very flexiblesolution with the ability to customize the Digital Beauty Advisor to match ourbrand and the values which we wish to communicate to our customers”, explains Tobias Mattsson, NordicFeel CEO.

“Through the implementation of services like the Digital BeautyAdvisor, NordicFeel is clearly establishing itself as a leaderwhen it comes to offering shoppers with innovative, interactive and educationalsolutions in the world of beauty-retail. Our cooperation is already showing agreat ROI for NordicFeel and we couldn’t be more excited to be working with them”, states Sampo Parkkinen, Revieve CEO.  

The results for implementingthe Revieve Digital Beauty Advisor have been impressive with more than 20% ofshoppers using the service adding recommended products to the shopping cartdirectly as a result of having their skin analyzed through their selfies. 

“We’re seeing NordicFeel’scustomers show tremendous engagement with the Digital Beauty Advisor, similarto the engagement you would expect from the in-store beauty consultant in aphysical store. The combination of receiving a personal skin analysis,individualized skincare advice and personal product recommendations issomething we’re seeing shoppers react very favourably towards”, concludesRevieve CEO Sampo Parkkinen.


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