Artificial intelligence ( AI ) and augmented reality ( AR ) are transforming the shopping experiences by leveraging deep personalization for every consumer individually and keeping them engaged in a highly competitive market. Just 26% of retailers believe that digital transformation is important. So, are AI and AR just a marketing hype?

As shoppers grow increasingly more comfortable with including online channels in their paths to purchase, the opportunity for Beauty Brands and Retailers to connect with them is increasing as well. But, connecting with digitally engaged shoppers isn’t as easy as encouraging them to visit a website. More people shop via digital assistants without ever browsing the traditional catalog - no matter if digital or physical. The playbook for building and sustaining brand loyalty has changed.

The main challenges for the new digital beauty industry are:

  • Keeping beauty consumers engage
  • Increasing the exposure of the right products for each consumer
  • Build an accurate consumer profile regarding shopper concerns & needs

Like smartphones, beauty is now personal

Nowadays consumers are increasingly focused on personal definitions of beauty and the effectiveness of traditional marketing is becoming narrowed. Beauty brands and retailers must have the empathy to understand consumers' needs and the diligence to engage them in a truly personal way. Mobile devices, digital tools, and different platforms have empowered shoppers to find the right products for them. Our relationships with technology are changing the way we use it rapidly.

According to Google, in the last five years, searches for “foundation for me” have increased more than double. Consumers aren’t looking for the best beauty products, they are looking for the best beauty products for them. “Best foundation” is nowadays “best foundation for me”. Devices have gotten smarter, and now we expect from our devices to understand our unique and individual needs.

Are AI & AR truly helping retailers and beauty brands to accomplish this level of personalization?

Selfies of customers combined with AI & AR allowed us to create a highly accurate solution for this problem. Advanced real-time analysis of shoppers selfie identifies 100+ different skin and beauty factors simply from mobile selfie. Our AI recommendation engine matches them with the best possible beauty products. This level of personalization is helping retailers and beauty brands to accomplish their goals.

We want to share this use Highlights of August from one of our partners.

AI & AR are truly helping retailers and beauty brands to retain and engage consumers. We have seen a considerable increase in time spent on site, basket size, product exposure, and better consumer satisfaction, leading to fewer return tickets, so pressure off from the customer service.


How the Beauty Industry Seizes COVID-19: the Evolution of Digitalization

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