Your online shoppers want service. They are the same individuals who visit your brick-and-mortar stores and simply because they are using a digital channel to shop with you doesn't mean they don't want you to serve them.

Serving your customers online is tough. The typical compromises you have to make can include:

  1. Limit the hours when they can talk to or chat with a representative online
  2. Force your customers to another channel such as your customer care center to talk to you
  3. Have your customers wait in line in a chatroom for extended periods of time (more than 1 minute)
  4. Increase your labor costs significantly by hiring an army of customer service representatives for your e-commerce store

None of these options sound particularly compelling and either radically interrupt the customer experience of your shoppers, cause them to spend far more time shopping with you than they would prefer or dramatically increase your overhead.

That's where Digital Advisors can come in. Digital Advisors that serve your shoppers online and guide your shoppers closer to a purchase asking information from the shopper and providing them value in return, just like your in-store sales associates do, can dramatically improve the level of service your offering your e-commerce customers. Best of all, in 2017 Digital Advisors are no longer clumsy, computer-like interactions but rather able to provide a feeling equally natural and human to the in-store sales associate interaction.

To discover how Digital Advisors act as your online sales associates for skincare and beauty products, visit Revieve.


How Beauty Industry Seizes COVID-19:
The Evolution Of Digitalization

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