Building loyalty among your customer-base online is challenging. The Internet provides your shoppers with countless of opportunities for price comparisons, information gathering and makes shoppers far more likely to shop around than those visiting your brick-and-mortar stores.

Building loyalty among your shoppers online isn't easy. That's why so many retailers have failed in trying. Its particularly challenging in the beauty-product category, where the products themselves are very much commodities and the urge to shop around isn't controlled by you having some unique inventory of products that the shopper couldn't get elsewhere.

Yet, building loyalty among beauty-shoppers online is one of most profitable ways you can grow your revenue as a retailer. Beauty-products provide excellent margins and are hardly ever returned into stores, unlike fashion items for instance.

To build loyalty among beauty-shoppers online, you need to build trust. The level of trust that is required to build loyalty for beauty-shoppers goes significantly beyond traditional trust questions in e-commerce such as "Is it safe to input my credit card information into this retailers system?"

The level of trust required to build loyalty among beauty-shoppers online is personal. You need to make your beauty-shoppers feel like you understand them, what they are looking for, why they want that and engage them in a dialogue. All on your e-commerce site, without having the benefit of the in-store beauty consultant present. You need to make your beauty-shoppers feel like you are there to help them online, not to sell them products.

To put it bluntly, if you want to get an online shopper to get comfortable with buying something they put on their face from you, you better show them that you're on their team, not playing for yourself.

To understand more about how to build loyalty among beauty-shoppers online, visit us at Revieve.


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