The world of buying beauty products revolves around trust.

The trust generated by the in-store beauty consultant creates a shopping environment where customers have faith in the products they are buying, largely due to the influence of a physical person who serves them in the store.

As the importance of online retail increases, beauty retailers are increasingly looking to digitalize their offerings both in-store and online. Its here where augmenting the beauty consultant in-store through digital solutions offers significant advantages.

Digital solutions, such as the Revieve Digital Beauty Advisor help the in-store beauty consultants provide shoppers with personalized beauty advice and help shoppers find complimentary products to the ones they're already familiar with.

A key to the success of these digital tools in augmenting the in-store beauty experience is their potential for omnichannel benefits. A digital beauty advisor can assist the in-store beauty consultant in recommending additional products for the shopper to purchase, even though those products would not be in-stock in the particular store at the time.

A seamless customer experience between the physical in-store beauty consultant and a Digital Beauty Advisor provides shoppers with the ultimately personalized beauty experience.

In particular the ability for the shopper to discover products for their personal beauty needs and buy them either on the spot with the help of the beauty consultant or online whilst still in the store with the help of the Digital Beauty Advisor is something shoppers and retailers alike are attracted to.

Leading retailers and beauty-brands have already discovered the potential of Digital Beauty Advisors in bridging the gap between in-store physical retail and online retail as evidenced by our case study.


How Beauty Industry Seizes COVID-19:
The Evolution Of Digitalization

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