Beauty is likely the most personal vertical of all retail. As such, being successful in beauty retail requires more personalization efforts from retailers and beauty brands alike than other verticals do.

But personalization in beauty retail is extremely hard. There are only so many in-store beauty consultants to provide personal service and having real customer service agents serve beauty shoppers online can become labor-intensive and unscalable.

Advances in technology have recently enabled the rise of Digital Beauty Advisors, giving the birth to a new level of digital personalization possibilities in beauty retail.

These Digital Beauty Advisors seamlessly bridge the gap between online and offline, enabling shoppers to discover beauty products specifically for their needs and purchase them wherever and whenever they choose. A truly personal beauty concierge in every pocket.

With a mobile device in everyone's pocket, leveraging solutions that integrate multiple shopping channels and enable shoppers to receive information, advice and buy products across channels and irrespective of in-store beauty consultant availability significantly improve the customer experience and create a leading advantage for beauty retailers.

What is more important, digital tools as advisors in beauty is a proposition favoured by shoppers, resulting in up to 25% conversion rates for retailers and beauty brands.


How Beauty Industry Seizes COVID-19:
The Evolution Of Digitalization

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