I’ve seen many personalization efforts from beauty brands and retailers. I like the trend and the efforts for innovation and personalization. However, while I strongly believe anything is better than nothing there is strong evidence that how you personalize does matter in terms of returning customers, conversion and purchase size.

The how is a matter of whether you’d like to increase sales by 1,5x or 6x. Like I said, anything is better than nothing. Moreover the how also determines which demographics are even more inclined to try the products recommended.

First, there are many ways to approach this. I’ve seen different efforts in giving the shopper a chance to build a profile by asking a number of multiple-choice questions. This alone can add up to approximately a 1,5x increase the sales and returning customers 67,6%. Wich for most retailers is good.

What if good is not enough and you want to get excellent results?

Well, if you build this further to actually have a conversation with a customer like automat.ai, for example, you can engage your customers 27x more, according to their site. Social media can be also used to create rapport with the customer like this.

So what makes the conversion higher and shoppers loyal?

According to The Digital Beauty Advisor users, the difference between only giving multiple choice answers to combining that to giving one’s selfie is significant. Returning customers up to 80% is one sure sign of that!

Do you know the conversion rates of your customers? Below statistics on how the customers convert *(see below) through the Digital Beauty Advisor:

Up to over 30% conversion rates between the ages of 45-54 years old. In case you're wondering, that's 3x more than with the other personalization method!

The increase is generally a third from conventional personalization methods. Let's assume your site's conversion as it is, is 4% which today would be an amazing for any retailer, the Digital Beauty Advisor can boost the sales quite significantly higher.

How it works is simple from the end customers perspective:

The white label solution lets you as a brand/retailer define how you want to present your questions and preferences as well as the whole layout. By letting the customer give a selfie which then will be analyzed will enable you to give even more personalized recommendations on skincare, makeup as well as different looks and concerns. Recommendations that you can then virtually try-on before checking out.

The solution also takes location-based factors such as UV, humidity, and pollution into consideration so you don't have to.

It's interesting to see where the beauty personalization is headed. Moreover, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the trend.

Contact me on vanessa@revieve.com if you want to share your thoughts privately with me!

Addition: * Conversion. I haven't taken into account the shopping cart abandonment rate, which varies from retailer to retailer individually. However, generally, we can say that the shopping cart abandonment rate lands between 50-80%. This is something that we can not see from our statistics. Would be great to know, however, how much the retailer's personalization efforts affect the shopping cart abandonment rates. I'd assume, it might decrease it. Would be great to get feedback on that if you know.


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