E-commerce has transformed from a side-business into a leading part of retail strategy. As a result, shoppers in online stores are also more selective than ever in who they shop with and how.

Particularly younger generations of shoppers are looking to e-commerce retailers in providing them with services and offerings that truly treat each shopper as an individual.

The challenge many e-commerce retailers face is matching the expectations of the informed e-commerce shoppers and providing experiences in online stores that make customers feel like they would be in a physical store.

Having a functional experience on mobile, a smooth checkout process as well as clear product descriptions and reasonable shipping times are no longer marks of a great online experience, but rather simply table stakes.

What can propel the online and mobile experience of e-commerce retailers to the next level is the use of digital advisors. Hanna Watkin from Guided-Selling.org provides a great overview of how digital advisors are already today helping e-commerce retailers.

This is only the beginning. Digital advisors have the power not just to help e-commerce retailers but fundamentally change the e-commerce experience especially for shoppers on mobile devices.

We've selected the five most important ways in which digital advisors can help your e-commerce store differentiate and care for each shopper as a unique individual:

  • Product Discovery - Your online inventory is large. You shouldn't expect shoppers to browse through your entire inventory to find what they are looking for. Digital advisors provide your customers with the simple way to discover products that they want.
  • Product Recommendations - Digital advisors gather information about your customer, not based on their browsing history but based on their lifestyle, individual characteristics and location. This data can be turned into powerful product recommendations that take the shopper into consideration as an individual, not part of a larger group.
  • Shopper re-targeting - Digital advisors understand not just what your shoppers bought from you but also why they purchased. Understanding why your customers bought a particular product is an important step in creating effective re-marketing campaigns and building retention.
  • Personal Experience - Digital advisors can replace the in-store sales associates online. Interacting with a digital advisor makes your shoppers feel like there is someone who they can interact with on your site who is there to help.
  • Building Trust - Digital advisors help you build trust for your e-commerce visitors. Trust is a key driver in ensuring your e-commerce customers convert into buyers. According to a study by TNS 70% of online shoppers terminate the purchase due to a lack of trust.

To uncover what digital advisors can do for your e-commerce business, go to our website at http://www.revieve.com.

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